Commission Policy Changes

Revised Accreditation Policies Released

New Accreditation Policies went into effect on January 1, 2018.
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Revised Site Visitor Manual Released

CoARC revised its Site Visitor Manual November, 2017

3.012 Ongoing Review

Language regarding outcomes assessments has been revised and clarified to be consistent with new Standards.
Credentialing exam description updated to reflect new NBRC TMC examination process.
Job placement definition revised and threshold removed.

10.07 Complaint Procedure

Changes allow CoARC the option to action on anonymous complaints as well as to allow CoARC the ability to notify the appropriate state agency and/or the NBRC of the final action taken.

2.02 Initiation and Reaffirmation of Base Program

Changes allow new programs to offer a base program and program options. 

1.08 Change in Ownership/Sponsorship/Legal Status or Change in Control

This substantive change process has been revised and clarified.

1.056 Withdraw of Accreditation - Voluntary

Language simplified and refers directly to the template letter.

70% On-Time Graduation Rate threshold

The 70% On-Time Graduation Rate threshold
will be effective with the submission of the 2015 Annual Report of Current Status due July 1st.

New Standards Go Into Effect on June 1, 2015

The Accreditation Standards for Entry into Respiratory Care Professional Practice have been approved by the Board of Commissioners at its meeting on November 15, 2014.  These Standards have been endorsed by the AARC, ACCP, ATS, and ASA. 

Graduate Date Definition Revised

The graduation date is the date on which the degree was conferred by the program's educational sponsor, not the date on which the student fulfilled all program requirements.

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