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The accreditation review process includes submission of the Accreditation Services Application, completion and submission of self-study reports, payment of appropriate fees, and agreement to an on-site evaluation.  An institution sponsoring a program may voluntarily withdraw from the accreditation process at any time (see CoARC Policy 1.057).

Interpretive Guidelines are available to provide programs with specific information to facilitate the self-study review and on-site visit process and to assist programs in demonstrating their compliance with the 2010 Accreditation Standards for the Profession of Respiratory Care (Standards).

 The Interpretive Guidelines for the 2015 Accreditation Standards for Entry into Respiratory Care Professional Practice are embedded in the document.

For the electronic version of your self-study:  For each additional faculty or Co-Medical Director(s), complete a Program Faculty CV Outline Form or MD/Co-MD CV Outline Form, respectively.  Save them to your hard drive and once the forms are completed, create a single PDF document and place it in the Supplementary Documents folder.  See the self-study template for exact file naming and format.
The self studies below are watermarked and are available for viewing only.
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 2015 Standards for Entry into Respiratory Care Professional Practice


Continuing Accreditation of a Base Program for
Entry into RC Professional Practice 
(Base Entry CSSR)


Evidence List for Site Visit Team
(Base Entry CSSR)

Provisional Accreditation of Degree Advancement (DA) Additional Degree Track (ADT) Program Option in Respiratory Care

Provisional Accreditation of Degree Advancement (DA) Base Program in Respiratory Care

2015 Accreditation Standards for Degree Advancement Programs in Respiratory Care


  Respiratory Care Self-Study Report (SSR) Evaluation Questionnaires


Please Note:  The Continuing Self Study Report template sent after March 24, 2012 no longer use the Word format Faculty and Student Evaluation SSR Questionnaires.  Please follow the instructions within the self-study template to complete them in a web-based format.


For Sleep Disorders Specialist Program Options (SDS)


Continuing Accreditation of an Sleep Disorders Specialist (SDS) for Program Option for Entry into RC Professional Practice


Provisional Accreditation of a Sleep Disorders Specialist (SDS) Program Option for Entry into RC Professional Practice

2015 Standards Documents Pending

2015 Standards Documents Pending


  Sleep Disorders Specialist Self-Study Report (SSR) Evaluation Questionnaires
(to be used only when completing an SSR for Sleep)

Directions for Administering Faculty Questionnaire Directions for Administering Student Questionnaire

SSPO Faculty Evaluation SSR Questionnaire (MS Word)
Rev 4/10
SSPO Student Evaluation SSR Questionnaire (MS Word)
Rev 4/10

Questions about self-studies should be sent to the Bonnie Marrs, Site Visit Coordinator/Accreditation Services Assistant at


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