Advanced Practice Standards


CoARC Begins Review Process for Advanced Practice Standards
January 14, 2021 
The Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) is beginning the process of formulating the 2022 Accreditation Standards for Advanced Respiratory Care Professional Practice.  This comprehensive review and revision procedure is an integral part of the CoARC’s ongoing mission to serve the public by promoting high quality, state of the art respiratory care education through its accreditation services.  
The review process began at the July 2020 CoARC Board of Commissioner’s meeting when the Degree Advancement Committee was directed to begin a review of the 2016 Standards.
In addition, from now until February 11, 2020, the CoARC Board is soliciting comments from its communities of interest[1] regarding the 2016 Standards.  It is important that these comments specify to which Standard (i.e. A1) or section of the Standards (i.e. Introduction) the comment relates.  Comments should be submitted by email to the address below or to the feedback form on the Standards page of the CoARC website used exclusively for comment submission.
The Degree Advancement Committee will review these comments and the revision of the Standards will be an ongoing item on the CoARC meeting agendas until the 2022 Standards receive final approval.  After the first draft of these Standards is completed, it will be distributed to these communities of interest for additional comment. 
Interested parties are asked to provide their comments and contact information using this email address: Interested parties can also provide comments by completing the following survey: Updates about the Standards review process will be posted here on our web page (
Questions about the process for submitting comments and suggestions should be addressed to Tom Smalling, Executive Director, at
[1] Communities of interest include all the bodies within the CoARC organizational structure; related bodies or organizations (the AARC, the ACCP, the ASA, the ATS, the ASAHP, the NN2, the SCCM, and the NBRC; RT educational program representatives (CEOs, deans, program directors, directors of clinical education, medical directors, site visitors, and advisory committee members); respiratory therapy educators; practitioners; consumers; employers; regulators (licensure boards, state higher education commissions); recognition bodies (Council for Higher Education Accreditation); accreditors (regional, national, and specialized accreditors); the accrediting membership organization (Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors); students; and the public at large.  CoARC reviews the data collected (validity, ease of interpretation, potential issues, positives and negatives regarding drafts of the revised Standards) from all evaluation instruments and feedback from communities of interest.
CLICK HERE to view a PDF copy of the APRT Standards (effective 11/13/16).

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